Tuuze Delivery

Tuuze delivery services is an
initiative of Tuuze Business Platform.

Around the city and around the clock, you can trust our logistics and delivery services to meet your deadline. We have a number of parcel delivery services available, so we can find a solution perfect for you or your business. Here at Tuuze Delivery, we pride ourselves on offering a delivery service that you can trust.

The things we do

Tuuze Delivery offers a door-to-door courier service, for individuals and businesses alike. We will pick it up and bring it to you, or pick it up and deliver it to your client or friend.

  • Letters
  • Parcel delivery
  • Reliable heavy and large item couriers
  • Food and Drinks
  • Same day deliveries

More Detail

Tuuze online shopping deliveries

Online shopping delivery

Did you just buy something from someone miles away? Let us go grab it for you. Just call us and sit tight.

tuuze same day deliveries

Same day deliveries

If you need a letter or a parcel delivered urgently, whether it's something that is highly valuable or requires special handling or is just extremely urgent, we can work out a plan to meet your demands with our same day delivery service.

tuuze food and drink deliveries

Food and Drinks

Have us deliver food and drinks to your doorstep, conference rooms or wherever you just are. Call us and we will see into it that you get served.

Request a Pick 'n' Drop

Ask us to bring you anything. Or you can just ask us to come take something to someone. Or maybe pick something from someone and take it to someone else.

Contact Us

Contact us through the form below and one of our team will get back to you.
Prefer to call instead? Dial 0743011502 or email delivery@tuuze.co.ke